Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This year my wife and I learned that we are expecting our first child, due in February 2011. Earlier, when we first learned the news I thought that I would be more freaked out about the prospect of becoming a father, it's so weird to even say that; 'I'm going to be a father!' But, I wasn't really nervous or scared until recently.

The realization that another person will be in our lives to care for and love has finally dawned on me and it's a frightening prospect, yet one that I'm really looking forward to. How awesome is that we will be responsible for the upbrining of this little miracle? I know that my beautiful wife will be a wonderful, loving, caring and understanding mother (4th Anniversary, Nov. 24th 2010, Love you!) But, what kind of father will I be? I hope that I will be the kind of loving father that I grew up with. My Dad was always there for us, from helping with homework or taking trips and he showed all of his kids the value of hard work and accomplishing goals. I pray that we can instill our morals and values into our child as well as our parents did. That he'll grow up happy. And most of all I ask for God to bless us all and that if we ever lose our way, that he guide us back onto the right path.

You may ask what prompted this deep introspection about becoming a father and the answer is, a song. Brad Paisley singing 'Anything Like Me' on the radio started me thinking about being a parent. Not that it wasn't already right in front of my face. I was there for the ultrasound and saw the pictures, I can feel the baby moving and even see those movement on my wife's belly. This is really happening and I'm so excited, at least until the first diaper changing. :) Somehow, I just know that we're ready and I can't wait to become a parent, with my beautiful wife right beside me!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

34 and counting.....

In the immortal words of one of my grand-neices, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!' I turn 34 today and I don't feel a day over 10. A lot of things are chaning but, I believe that you are only as young as you feel. With the help of my beautiful wife, my family and friends, I will be celebrating my b-day just like any other day. The cat has to go to the Vet, I need to get my picture took at the DMV and we have to wait at home for a delivery. I normally like to go to the beach around this time but, there's plenty of Summer left for that. I'd also like to thank everyone in advance for all of the cards, gifts and food! :) See you all soon.